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Inside A CAMERA SHOP in JAPAN - Cheaper Prices Or Not?! | Review 2021

guys what kind of camera is that what isthat what's that guys this is quickrelease adapter good morning everyonetoday we're doing camera shopping inJapan you're ready let's shift on italright guys I hope you having anamazing day welcome to Japan when Osakatoday and we're gonna go and reallyreally dive into what we call gas whichis a gear acquisition syndrome and Ihave it toobecause I need first of all a lens hoodsecond of all I want to check if I canfind a cheap lens like 40 bucks kind ofLanza that I can play with while I'm inJapan and well one of the best ways todo that here in Osaka is actually a bigcamera it's one of the biggest camerastore and then I crank and everything sowe're gonna go check out together whatthere is inside is there like newproducts that I don't know of is itdifferent than in the US I'm kind ofcurious actually to see how it's goingto be anyway let's get started thisplace is the realit's so funny to be back in Japanbecause this is kind of weird thechannel really picks up the first time Iactually started the channel really wasI did the video in Bangkok and then nextonce we're done in Japan in Tokyo and ina second I'm super pumped to be backbecause well that's kind of going backto it after more than a year and a halfit's really cool and you reach over 100ksubs which is insane maybe some of youhave seen the first videos from Japan soif you did let me know in the commentsyou know I really want to hear about itokay this is a lens paradise look atthat hold everything that exists isliving here right now I wish I had thatin my house to be honest like you knowthen when you wake up in the morning youjust look at it to be like which one doI want this one not actually yeah Iwould rather have the only two lensesotherwise it just gets hectic to chooselook at those cameras what is that 600millimeter f4 300 millimeter s 2.8 thatis dope that same here but Nikon versionI can't want to see they have the sunnyit's enough for I already tried it butit's kind of nice Oh a little gos ornothing new with Canon lately they havea matter of anything which is kind offunny because we're all waiting for ityou know we're waiting the death takeslike six instead seven or good cameras Ithink Nikon is doing a good job themarketing is not there yet we'll see ifit comes what kind of lens is that lookat that case look how big that is 200 to500 now the good question is is itcheaper here in Japan or not and I'mgonna do the math for you and check afew items and we'll we'll sit togetherbut I'm not sure if it's cheaper maybebecause of Chinese China tariffs it'sgonna change okay let's see what thereis a seven to two hundred six hundredWowthat's my seventy two hundred two eighteight looks so small compared to thatguy it's so funny okay 104with so just so you know the exchangerate is about a thousand yen isbasically ten bucksso when you see 10,000 yen faint $93 or$100 just in your head that might helpyou when you see prices when I show yousee that's a thousand bucks basically ohjust Six Sigma fourteen to twenty fourto eight fourteen to twenty four toeight is something I would have lovedfor star shots and that's something Ireally like actually with love even like14 millimeter one point think I have onewe'll see maybe in another location butfourteen millimeter F one point fourthat would be dope for night stars shotsbecause what is thatso that's the Panasonic cool friend itlooks so so big I don't know why it'saged it looks even bigger than that onethat's or let's say s1 I would never getthat that is so massive it's it's likereally scary WowI don't know what they were thinkingbecause if you look the g9 is tinyI know it's microfiber eh very smallthat is look at thatso apparently in terms of prices thereis like something like over C and alocal price and some of them you cantake them abroad it will work abroadsome of them don't if they're not over Cso you're looking at that lens that's7,200 at four that's gonna be a bad twothousand four hundred ninety dollarswith the commenter exchange with alittle bit less maybe a thousand fourhundred and that camera is gonna be fourthousand four thousand basically USD soit's something to keep in mind it's notnecessarily cheaperoh I'm checking do you have lens hoodit's broke I lost it yes this thismansion so the girl just told me thatthey don't have the lens hood for mycamera you have to order it it takesabout a week we'll try to go checkanother camera store maybe today I'm notsure if they can have it I doubt becausefairly specialized but maybe if I find arepair shop or secondhand that mightwork out too and I also need to stepdown lens filter ring right now so letme get that firstoh wait what's that rubber hood maybethat could be helpful actually like forthe lens that's what you can hit and itdoesn't like break it so that could workbut it doesn't look as good as theoriginal obviously so I don't know yeahit's like sixteen bucks fifteen buckswell see if I can't find anything elseI'll probably get that if a manscreaming always wanted one of thoseLance pan I might get it but I justwonder the lens pens I can lens pen Ican't even speak anymore I don't needthe rest what do you get used actuallyto clean your gear I'm kind of curiouswow this is tripod paradise alley lookat that it's tripods everywhere here Istill use the same that I've had foryears that I bought in Taiwan don't evenknow I think the brand is like commonand it's a it's pretty sturdy anddurable but I always wanted to get onein carbon and maybe something a littlebit better in the futurebut I don't think I'm gonna get it heret-shirts more expensive what's that guysthis is quick release adapter I get itit's magnetic so you basically have thelens there we go basically there's anadapter that comes on top of the filterring and that part is magnetic boomthat's why you can take it on enoughfaster it's pretty cool I guess I wouldbe afraid that I'd lose my head it fallsoff that's the only thing that would bepretty cool especially for me because Ikeep removing dance like the filter Iput them on and off all the time it'spretty cool I might look into it it'slike 16 bucks for 82 millimetersI don't know if it's worth it all rightso the vendor just helped me find it andits basic herelet's step down that Iranian so what itmeans is that you can adapt biggerfilters on smaller lenses which is greatbecause it saves you a bunch of moneyand that's one is 82 cents in the meterI have one but it's lost with red andnow it just keeps infinitely screwingwhich is very very bad because one dayI'm gonna have a problem with itI'd rather get that than not we can buya whole packs of like 15 of them linkedit below for you if you're interested ifyou ever need it but it's great wow thisis camera bag phone right now it's somany camera bag crazy Wow any of youhave ever used those like new friendcases could be could be actually a goodidea if you just like drop your camerain your bag did you just slide it insidelet me know if you've ever tried it I'mconnector Wow look at the size of thatdrug it's so small it's crazy guys whatkind of camera is that this is repo noit's Sigma vp0 look at that I have tosay is really strangebut it's very economical kind of fun tohold actually it's totally differentcompletely different I have no clue whatthat it okay I check online maybe therewill be more info because that righthere that doesn't tell me much I mean myJapanese is too rusted for me tounderstand anything I'm just gonna keepsearching for my lens hood I don't knowwhere we're gonna find it let's getoutside in the streets I gotta show youstuff it's insaneall right that was fun I mean I alwaysloved going to just shots and checkingout but there is now I know it wasn't Ididn't find everything I wanted butthat's okay I will find it maybesomewhere else we're gonna try look atthat look at that that's where they makelike little skewers basically and youjust drink and it's cures all nightthat's what they usually do in theevening and I wanted to show you becauselike Osaka is really cool forphotography like sweet photography theHaven is really dark and they alwayspaint the lines of white again so youhave a lot of contrast which makes itreally cool to shoot in my opinion andon top of that well there's always likeother characters or very interestingpeople and the interaction betweenpeople filled almost a little bit likelonely so when I take photos in Japan Ifeel like I can give a lot of lonelinessto my images versus in other places soyou see guys this is what I'm talkingabout street art in Japan is so cool thestreets are so clean you could eat onthe floor daily and there is this weirddifferent ambient that you cannot findin my opinion in other countries atleast from when I what I've traveled andI really really enjoy it it's verypeaceful it's very calm I also havenever any fear for my gear whatsoevernow people a little bit shy sometimes soif you want to get shots of them they'renot gonna be like in India whereeveryone's gonna come to you to get theshot here it's more like you gotta askthem and you gotta be get ready to havea lot of nose but that might be foranother video that we'll do togetherguys so now with that being said guys Iwanted to share with you their littleexperience of shopping in Osaka in a inbasically a camera shop and if youenjoyed that video make sure you leaveit a big thumbs up let me know in thecomments what you want to see next upand remember if you want to know whathappens in the future all the adventuresyou're gonna see those videos make sureyou have ringing that notification bellit's gonna make an awesome noise and oursee you and the next episode get outthere go shoot try something differenttry something you byeyou

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